We designed – from the ground up – an affordable electric roadster for today’s commuter. Our sporty, three passenger roadster has a daily range of up to 200 miles and can be completely recharged from any standard 120-volt outlet in about 8 hours while the commuter is at work. The Roadster’s “fuel” costs are less than two cents a mile and the classic “old school” look is unmistakable, eye catching, and guaranteed to turn heads!  Based on the specifications recommended by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, our Roadster registers as a special class of motorcycle called an Autocycle.

Many people desire the driving experience to be fun and exhilarating. However, people are equally concerned about air pollution, global climate change, volatile gasoline costs, and personal safety. Our electric roadsters meet environmental, economic, and personal needs.  Take the top off and enjoy the wind in your face thrill of a motorcycle, with the safety of a racecar like protection system.